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As part of our mission to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse, we conduct outreach presentations to the research community at educational institutions, conferences, and other meetings. Our investigators, auditors, and attorneys provide education about recognizing and preventing fraud, administering federal funds, and promoting responsible conduct of research.

We tailor our programs to the audience's specific needs, and can present information about audits, research misconduct, financial fraud, and investigations, as well as general information about what we do and how to help prevent fraud.


We present at NSF's grant conferences, which are designed to give new faculty, researchers, and administrators key insights into a wide range of current issues at NSF.

We present to the research community to expand knowledge about what we do and how to help prevent fraud and research misconduct.

We partner with NCURA Magazine, published by the National Council of University Research Administrators, to share insight into the workings of NSF OIG, including common audit findings, research misconduct concerns, and best practices. The articles below are reprinted with permission from NCURA magazine.